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implications of president obama's trip. the speakers were dennis ross, who served under president obama and mining call singh, who advised president george w. bush. this was hosted by the washington institute. it is about 90 minutes. >> good afternoon. good afternoon and welcome to the washington institute. i'm rob satlof, the director of the institute. i'm happy to welcome all of you here today. just at the outset if i could please remind you, cell phones off please, not just on, on vibrate but off completely. this event is being live streamed for our thousands of fans around the world. this event is being broadcast by c-span. so everything you say can and will be used against you. so but bless do turn your cell phones off. we're fathered here today because president obama is off for the inaugural overseas visit of his second term and he is going to the middle east, going to israel, to the west bank and to jordan. his itinerary is very different than the itinerary of his middle east trip in the beginning of his first term. we'll hear more about that. and i think the mission of this tri
the people around them, and i think people with the most recent visit of dennis rodman we see some of key players. a number of key players are those who have interacted with the u.s. is that messaging? it probably is a bit of messaging to the u.s. so i think he is feeling comfortable with people around him and i thin think the people around him now are more of the hardliners that one would've thought maybe eight to 10 or 12 months ago he was trying to put on the sidelines. >> i think it's a common mispercepmispercep tion. the notion there some kind of policy or conflict between the leadership and north korean military, no doubt there are competing interest in any government by the north korean system is unique in that the near total monopoly of power by the plan, by the kim family and the party over the rest of the nation, including the military, that has been nearly perfected. and the north korean founder, the founder of north korea learned this from chairman mao of china, make sure that the party controls the military, that the party maintains power to appoint and promote generals. maki
.com, an article now by a former north korea negotiator who says, you know what? why not appoint dennis rodman the special envoy to north korea? maybe he can break to these guys to get something accomplished. >> host: paul up next from enterprise, alabama, on the independent line. good morning, paul. you're on with blake hounshell. >> caller: good morning, gentlemen. i would like to say that everybody knows north korea is in no position to be throwing its weight around in this manner and that it is, i think biggest negative motivator in the world. everybody also knows that they are a proxy of china. thank goodness for china agreeing to the sanctions. but more importantly for me, is the, as governments spar, the citizens suffer and, i would like to know, do you have any specific means that we can actually reach the sit currency -- sit -- citizenry of north korea. everybody is fed propaganda there and here and just, builds animosity that doesn't need to exist? thank you very much. >> host: that's a great question. you know, as closed as society of a society north korea is, over the last decade o
presented itself when a basketball star named dennis rodman's recent visit should not be completely dismissed as trivial. by my calculation dennis rodman has now spent more face time with north korea's new leader than any other american. as i recall, mr. chairman, we were dismissive of the invitation that the americans' ping upon or tennis table -- ping-pong team's visit to china. china, with the legacy of the korean war and ongoing great cultural revolution, was much a pariah state then as north korea is depicted today. however, it should be noted that this so-called pipping pong diplomacy -- ping-pong diplomacy changed world history with the american president, richard nixon, arriving less than a year later. it is my understanding kim jong un loaves basketball. sometimes sports, mr. chairman, can have a positive result on diplomacy. as i noted in a recent article in a korean name, as only nixon can go to china, it now seems in my opinion at the height of the renewed tensions in the peninsula, only south korea's president can seek to move national reconciliation between the two kor
lambright of syracuse, howard -- [inaudible] of american university. dennis jenkins who we brought into team four but admiral gehman quickly procured to be his kind of person that really knew every nut and bolt on the shuttle. dennis had written a very extensive book on the technical development of the shuttle. roger lowney from the air and space museum. dane day who is here or at least -- yes, he is here -- who was a ph.d. graduate by that time from gw now working for the space studies board. and chirac vias who was a master's candidate here at the space policy institute who's probably our most successful graduate. he runs a brew erie in the virgin islands. [laughter] better than being deputy at nasa, i think. to me, out of the whole report this is the single most damning paragraph, that nasa and, indeed, the country didn't keep its part of the bargain to operate this complicated, fragile system to the maximum of its potential for safety. so we were rather careful not to point fingers at individuals, but we certainly pointed fingers at almost everybody that was involved with the program. an
the potential contingency responses. i'm simply saying we stand ready to respond. i'm dennis rodman, last i checked he's not a u.s. official. i'm not going to, and basketball. i'm not a lawyer and i'm not particularly well versed in professional basketball and i'm not going to comment on his rhetoric. all right. no question. >> george, if i could switch to ironstone, the pentagon and the congress has been supported to claim to have a very successful intercept rate. there's a new report out that says that the 85% success rate being claimed by israelis is grossly inflated. it's actually 5%. what does the pentagon by on this display i.d. and do you believe the israeli numbers? >> we have very strong confidence in the figures the israelis have shared. the fact of the matter is the system has been very effective and that was proven in the recent crisis on the gaza strip. we are in regular contact with our israeli allies about this capability and others and i have comp games that they are portraying the success of this very important defense system for israel in an accurate and transparent manner
't. dennis is next we'll have cleaners prescribing medications while the doctors count their money. >> guest: okay. all health care professionals who hold licenses are required by law to practice within their scope of practice. that is not new. we've been doing that since there've been laws defining us apart this. nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners are legally obligated to function within our scope of this. that means one of the first thing we learn is that we can do and what we cannot do. we always function within our scope legally. we don't have a choice. nurses don't have a choice. it's a different way of looking at delivering health care. although we've been around for 50 years. were not as new as the current attention to our role may suggest. we have never sought to replace, takeover. we just simply do not need a legal requirement for another profession to supervisors oversee practices. we are highly trained, highly educated professionals who understand what it means to collaborate and seeking statutory authority to practice the full extent of our license. this is supported by a ma
trade area, and then the single market, dennis hooker sensible monetary policy that they were broad and wide benefits for europeans for years and years for these things. but then i'd like to ask you another question. lately using european countries including your own comment in particular britain and france act in a military fashion outside of the european framework. somewhat successfully come or even very successfully to observers here. certain my former colleagu collt the state department are now pleased with these things, and after the libby operation view these options as being positive, new options on the table in the era of austerity. presumably you're in favor of combining european armed forces. could you say something about that force? >> thank you. so honored to be one of the cohosts, but i'd like to come back to a question that david raised. this is about related to the backsliding of democracy. i mean, why we have a huge crisis in europe, seems to me that there are strange ideas, strange economic ideas but also done unraveling of the checks and balances of some country. a
's all give a dennis rodman a great round of applause. [applause] >> speaking of athletes i saw the president went golfing with tiger woods this week. he said this about the president he had come and i quote, an amazing touch. the last time tiger said that she lost millions in endorsements and a hot swedish wife. the president say -- people say the president and i have trouble laughing at ourselves. we can't laugh at ourselves. that would be racist. [applause] this might surprise you i'm actually looking forward to president obama's second term. it will be refreshing to hear him stop blaming all of the country's problems on the last four years. [applause] that's enough with the jokes. i want to switch to some more serious lines. i thought you might need a short break from the serious speeches. [applause] i want to talk to you today about something i believe is critical for the success not only of the republican party but also of the conservative movement. you know, after losing two presidential elections in a row, now is certainly time for some candid discussions. first radical
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9